Diet following Gastric Banding

Day 1: Clear fluids only
Clear fluids only (liquids you can see through) for example, strained broths (vegetable or chicken), jelly, clear apple juice, and tea including fruit and herbal teas, ice lollies. Take you time trying the fluids after surgery. Do not gulp. Sip slowly and relax.

1. Drink slowly in small sips (30 ml)
2. Wait in between the sips for a minute or two
3. Do not drink more than 50 ml at once
4. Nothing but tea with or without sugar, or still mineral water
5. Wait in between the sips for at least 10 minutes
6. Your total fluid intake should not be less than 2.0-2.5 liters/24 hours
7. Your liquid diet commences within one day after the operation, when cleared start drinking fluids you can begin by slowly sipping 30 ml of clear fluids every 15 minutes).

First Two Weeks: Transition to Liquid Diet
From clear fluids you will slowly make a transition to a liquid diet. On a liquid diet you have to try and get as much nutrition as possible each time you have a liquid meal. You can have a variety of the following: milk, fortified milk, tomato juice, fruit juices, teas, broths, creamed soups, yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, protein shakes, fortified soups, squash, sweet drinks (Ribena). It can help to think of all liquid consistency fluids that you can take through a large straw. You can add extra milk to thin down some soups and yoghurts if you need to. It is very important to ensure that you take a variety of fluids so you don't get stuck on one particular fluid e.g., sweet fruit drinks which tend to be higher in calories. To increase the protein content of your fluids you can add skimmed milk powder to milk, yoghurts and soups.

Sample Menu Plan for Liquid Diet
Morning: Fortified milk drink with added protein powder
Mid Morning: Fruit juice
Afternoon: Tomato juice
Mid Afternoon: Berry fruit yoghurt drink with no pips
Evening: Soup with added milk powder
Sip water and other clear fluids in between meals.

Two-Four weeks transition to pureed or blended foods:
After two weeks it is appropriate to introduce pureed or blended foods into your diet. It is essential not to eat solid food too quickly as you can risk dislocating your band. Taking time to move to a regular diet is part of the process.

Sample Menu Plan of Puree Diet
Breakfast: Pureed apples and yoghurt, fruit juice
Mid morning: Protein shakes
Lunch: Blended chicken casserole, mashed potato, blended carrots
Mid afternoon: Rice pudding
Evening meal: Cream of tomato soup
Sip water and other clear fluids in between meals and Chew your food very well to a paste before you swallow

Include the following foods in your diet:
Baby foods, apple sauce, creamy soups, rice pudding, custards
softly cooked and blended vegetables
Blended meats (you may have to add gravy to make the required consistency)
Blended casseroles and soups

Vitamins and Mineral Supplementation
A vitamin and mineral supplement is recommended as a supplement to your diet to ensure that your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals are met as you are eating smaller amounts. Liquid or powder multivitamin and mineral supplements are recommended.