The successful insertion of the band is just the beginning of your journey to your dreams and to achieve the desired effect from the gastric band, you need:
  • Properly performed adjustments that give optimal restriction
  • Careful follow up support through a comprehensive aftercare program

WLLW is committed to the health of the nation. It is established to prevent and treat obesity.

At WLLW and in collaboration with local hospitals we provide an all inclusive package with a life-long aftercare at a low profit margin.

But I had my surgery abroad/ I relocated /My surgeon relocated/ My surgeon has no aftercare programme/ My surgeon is overwhelmed with patients?

WLLW is committed to the health of the nation and would enter you in WLLW aftercare programme and deliver the best care needed regardless of the above.

Do I need aftercare? And are all programmes the same?
Good aftercare is more than just adjustments. It's important to have the information and tools you need to create a lasting healthy new lifestyle that will support your efforts to lose weight.

How would the aftercare programme help me?

  • Giving you the right adjustment for optimal restriction
  • Helping you overcome weight loss plateaus
  • Addressing any problems you may have with hunger
  • Giving you individualized counseling based on your personal nutrition and fitness needs